Holly Anderson – Oxford Avenue, Venice

“I hear that selling a house can be very stressful. With Denise Fast and her team, it was a dream! Denise took care of everything. She came in, rearranged, cleaned up, and had a gardener and maid come. It was my property, but it looked so nice, I would have bought it all over again! For my first open house, Denise brought flowers, and not just one or two little flowers like daisies, but dozens and dozens of gorgeous roses! And she cut them and arranged them herself. It was really, really first class. Wonderful!
Denise Fast is pleasant, down to earth, and has integrity. On a scale from one to ten, she is a million. And the marketing efforts of the Denise Fast Team surprised me. They did so much and it definitely increased the value of my home. If the Denise Fast Team hadn’t represented me in the sale of my home, it definitely would have sold for a lower price.
The whole experience working with the Denise Fast Team was a dream! If I sell another home, I will only use Denise and her team. I trust Denise one hundred percent. She did it all, and she did it all with grace. She really is amazing.”