Julie Jungwirth – Harbor Crossing, Marina Del Rey

“We’ve bought and sold properties many times with Denise, and each transaction happened quickly because Denise Fast gets things done quickly—she’s gifted that way!
During the different preparations for selling, Denise and her team provide a time frame to follow, monitor progress on all improvements or repairs, and handle all home inspections. Denise has a pool of vendors that she recommends and they all have been great. During the staging phase, Denise’s insights have proven to be very valuable. Her suggestions like adding flowers in front of the door, or choosing a paint color to make the house more pleasing, or even adding a new mailbox—all prove to make the difference, with minimal expense and leading to a great sale. When we decided to sell our house on Oxford Avenue, our initial thought was to sell it for $650,000. Denise’s estimate was over $750,000. That was how far off we were on our price! The house sold for $780,000 on the first day on the market. We wouldn’t have gotten the extra money if not for Denise! Another time, we were looking for income property. Denise found one for $699,000 with 27 offers on it. We would have given up but with Denise’s negotiating skills, we got that deal and 15 months later Denise sold it for $1,250,000! Denise has a dedicated staff that cooperates and forms a great successful team! They are well prepared to avoid potential problems. They have the latest computer system that helps automate everything. Having a team makes a big difference—much different than an agent who has to do everything all by themselves. I recommend Denise because she’s a delight to work with and is always looking out for the interests of her clients and providing high quality service. For us, Denise is the best real estate agent not only in the whole neighborhood— but in the whole WORLD!