Leo Krainer & Eva Westholm – Belford Ave, Westchester

“We were so new to the home buying process, we had Home Buying for Dummies as our reference. So we called Denise and her team for help and they made things happen for us! They’re very competent, professional, and have lots of knowledge of the market. And they came up with strategies like dropping one of our contingencies that gave us the extra edge to win immediately over four other offers!
Denise also has a good network of service providers. The home inspector did extensive tests on everything. We had such a great feeling of security because we knew what we were bidding on. The escrow company Denise recommended was also very responsive. Our trust in Denise and her team made us feel we didn’t have to guard ourselves from all the fine print!
We were very happy when the deal closed. It was not at all like the horror stories we’ve heard from our friends. We highly recommend the Denise Fast Team. They are always behind you and always available!
Our home purchase was small compared to others but Denise and the team made us feel like we were buying a million dollar property! With the Denise Fast Team we felt like we were the King and Queen—their #1 customer! We always felt that our deal was a big priority for the whole team.”