Lisa A.

I cannot say enough good things about Denise Fast and her super-powered staff.

She even works with moderate buyers. I know because I had a bottom-feeder budget and high needs in an escalated sellers market, so my property search took over six months. Denise and Stephanie were with me every step as I searched all over LA County looking for a place. I looked at hundreds of properties. I turned over every rock. And Denise and her staff stood behind me through thick and thin.

To sum up, Denise goes the extra mile. Not only that, she also has excellent knowledge from firsthand experience, and superior expertise in every area from searching to inspections to negotiating – and she helped me all of these areas. She even saved me from financial disaster and emotional despair when she saw the fine nuances of a nice looking deal and thankfully talked me out of buying a place that would have been a money-pit lemon of a deal.

Highly recommended.