Michael & Robin Levitt – Oxford Avenue, Venice

“Denise Fast knows her business and was absolutely wonderful in staging our house. Denise walked through the house and just had the most incredible ideas. We did everything she said and our home was absolutely transformed! Denise said, ‘If you want to sell your house and get top dollar for it, this is what you need to do!” Within 24 hours she had painters there, the junk out of the garage—and the place just showed beautifully.
Denise didn’t just walk through and idly make suggestions; she found gardeners, painters and even people to help clean the clutter. She even went out at night to purchase plants. Then she came in and staged the house just like a model home, right down to setting out the towels in a certain way. Every morning we left the house exactly that way so it was ready to show at anytime. The buyer of our house came in solely because he saw the open house sign. He said he passed by other houses that were plain vanilla and wasn’t interested. When he walked in and saw our place, he bought it!
Our home was in a planned community where all the homes are similar, which affects the value until the neighborhood matures. When Denise came to price the house, we did a price comparison for the neighborhood, made the changes Denise suggested, and then she priced it to what we felt was fair. The results? We got $300,000 more than we ever dreamed we would!
I was just incredibly impressed with Denise Fast! I liked her style. She was very well informed and was not high pressure, so we felt we could trust her. She is very knowledgeable about the area. She’s been doing this for quite a few years and she knows all the comps and the property values in the surrounding areas. Denise helped us to do the work on our house to make it a little more unique and then priced it accordingly. She did a complete price comparison of houses in the vicinity and came up with a price, not based on a couple of houses that had sold on the block, but all houses in the area. Most importantly, when we sold our house, Denise helped us get the true fair market value for our home.
Denise has a great support team and they are one of the reasons why she has the paperwork and everything done so quickly. She demands high quality out of people and she has a tremendous sense of integrity. For us, everybody pitched in to get the job done, whatever it was! Everyone on the Denise Fast Team was quite professional!”