Nanette Kryske Towsley

My letter to Denise Fast:
I have been racking my brain trying to think of the best way to thank you.  Brownies get eaten.  Flowers die. Gifts get in the way and clutter closets.  Then I realized the most meaningful way to thank you and your team was to write a letter you could show to potential clients that would explain why Denise Fast Realtors is the best choice one can make if selling a home in Los Angeles.

What you and your team did for my family was more than incredible.  Selling the family home of 62 years was both important and emotional. Honoring my parents’ legacy as we disbursed with their worldly goods was of greatest priority to us.  You and your team took on the project as if it were your own family home.  You facilitated every step of the way, perfectly project-managed to maximize our potential return and turn our home into something a new family would want and cherish.  Your coaching on what works in today’s market was invaluable.
You and your entire office made the process pain-free, expedient, and heart-felt.  

We cannot thank you and your team (and your family) for all that you did.  Working with you daily from 400+ miles away, I am convinced that your expertise, insights, and creative flair made all the difference in the world and that is what you bring to your clients.  You enabled me to run my three worlds simultaneously: handling my parents’ estate, caring for my family here in Phoenix, and maintaining my full-time job that spans 50-60 hours a week. No one could ask for anything more.  I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, your dedication to your clients is second to none and I would highly recommend you and your team to anyone considering a real estate transaction (buying or selling) whether it is a modest home or a multi-million-dollar estate.

May God bless you all and bring you the prosperity you so graciously bestow upon your clients. Feel free to have anyone “on the fence” call me, so I can throw them over to the Sold Fast Team at Denise Fast.

With warmest regards,
Nanette Kryske Towsley